Shaun Allan’s Darker Places tour…

Welcome to Shaun Allan’s Darker Places tour.  We’re delighted to kick off today with the tour, and welcome the amazing Shaun to the new site! Shaun Allan’s Singularity Books is proud to introduce Darker Places! What if you could steal the final moments from the dying? What if you hadRead More

K is for Kozzi….free images for 30 days #atozchallenge

I’m interrupting my social media posts to offer you something neat. How would you like up to 150 images free?  Of your choice? How would you like five images a day, for $4.95 a month? I’ve been testing it out,… Continue Reading

J for ‘Just go for it’ – a ten hour marketing plan #AtoZchallenge

Before I share my ten hour marketing plan, I thought I should give you a bit of background. In 2011, when Valerie Douglas and I co-founded the Indie Author Group,  the social media narrative was ‘share with as many people… Continue Reading

I is for Instagram #AtoZchallenge

I’m pretty much a sharer.  I share photos of my cats, the games we play, the places we go, new things I’m playing with, writing snippets, coffee meets. And I do it all on Instagram. Check out some of my… Continue Reading

H is for Hootsuite #AtoZChallenge

Tools are very important when you get to the point where you need to maintain your social media profile, and one of my favorite tools is Hootsuite.  I’ve been a member since it was new, so I pay one low… Continue Reading

G is for G+ AtoZchallenge

After yesterday’s epic Facebook post, today’s post on G+ is equally epic… Edited with BlogPad Pro

F is for Facebook #AtozChallenge

As was probably obvious, today’s post is all about Facebook.   Edited with BlogPad Pro

Ello and Tsu – new networks, can they compete? #atozchallenge

I’m often asked whether I recommend using the newer networks.  It used to be G+ that generated the ‘new network’ question, then one that opened especially for writers (and is now gone, so I won’t name it), and now it’s… Continue Reading

Do you interact or just post? #AtoZchallenge

The mantra of this blog is always going to be ‘social media is social’.  So, today I thought I’d ask how you inteact with your followers.   Many people that I ask this are pretty much in one position or… Continue Reading

C is for change your mindset

One of the major ways to get more out of social media is to change your mindset.  In short, instead of looking at social media as a selling platform, look at it as a place to make connections.  It’s as… Continue Reading