Updating for the #reissue

Glass Block was originally released in 2015, and spent two years or so on the market before the Alexandria Publishing Group closed.  When it closed, I used that as a sign that I needed to regroup.  I won’t go into all of the details of what happened, but people that follow my main blog @ […]

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48 hours to go, last chance to win, and final countdown

Please join me on my Facebook event, on the ninth anniversary of our Handfasting, to celebrate the release of Glass Block! Yes really! I’m really delighted to be able to finally give you guys the book.  I’m even MORE delighted to announce that Renee Barrett, of The Cover Counts, who completed my Glass Block eBook […]

Glass Block’s dedications…

I thought, with a few days to go, I’d share the dedications from the book. Dedications…. Dear reader. Most of these names won’t mean a thing to you, unless you’re one of the people listed. You are welcome to skip them, but if you know me, online or off, you might not wanna 😉 First […]

K for Killers #amusicalinterlude #atozchallenge

Elliot’s a DJ in the first book – using tech that’s borderline illegal, but still a DJ, so I thought I’d do a nice post today of some of the music he’s really into – not the stuff he plays at the nulled raves, but the things that he thinks about while he’s working.  He […]

J for Justin…#AtoZchallenge

Originally, Glass Block was written with three characters in mind, then I had to add a couple of extra, because leaving them unsketched and vague didn’t really work the way I wanted.  Justin was one of the few people that ended up on Naire’s team that I actually felt sorry for.  One of the main […]

Interlude… #AtoZchallenge

I got so much happy feedback on the last excerpt I shared, that I thought I’d share the prologue. Enjoy! Running.  There’s plastic grabbing at her – there’s too much pulling her back.  Her breath burns – she can’t feel anything but the dull ache of her hip where she shuddered into the corner of […]

H is for Harper – ex cop, dimension jumper, Private eye #AtoZchallenge

I kinda feel sorry for Harper – before Glass Block kicks off, he’s already had his spine damaged and has been asked to retire from the police force, but he’s a great private eye.  He’s Elliot’s best freind, was once Beth’s lover (Elliot’s wife) and can jump dimensions, from Darkness to an Alt-Edinburgh, where magic […]

Innocence is Gone #AtoZchallenge

While I talk very fondly about Elliot, I have to admit, if our characters could kill us, I think he would by now.  The first book of the series, Glass Block, destroys a lot of Elliot’s world (no spoilers as to what happens though), but Elliot reveals himself as someone that has lost his innocence […]

Fundimentalists and the nanovirus #AtoZchallenge

Instead of focussing on the ‘good guys’ today, I thought I’d share some interesting facts about how fundimentalism is handled in my novels, and the research I undertook to keep it accurate. Before I go any further into this post, because it deals with religion, please believe me when I say that I’m not dissing […]

Announcement – publication date change

Just a quick note after talking about how wonderful Elliot is that we’ve moved the publication date from April 15th to April 30th due to circumstances beyond my control.  Being my own publisher has some advantages, but dealing with things that come up is something I’d delightedly hand over royalties for, but everyone keeps telling […]