K is for Kozzi….free images for 30 days #atozchallenge

I’m interrupting my social media posts to offer you something neat. How would you like up to 150 images free?  Of your choice? How would you like five images a day, for $4.95 a month? I’ve been testing it out,… Continue Reading

J for ‘Just go for it’ – a ten hour marketing plan #AtoZchallenge

Before I share my ten hour marketing plan, I thought I should give you a bit of background. In 2011, when Valerie Douglas and I co-founded the Indie Author Group,  the social media narrative was ‘share with as many people… Continue Reading

I is for Instagram #AtoZchallenge

I’m pretty much a sharer.  I share photos of my cats, the games we play, the places we go, new things I’m playing with, writing snippets, coffee meets. And I do it all on Instagram. Check out some of my… Continue Reading

H is for Hootsuite #AtoZChallenge

Tools are very important when you get to the point where you need to maintain your social media profile, and one of my favorite tools is Hootsuite.  I’ve been a member since it was new, so I pay one low… Continue Reading

G is for G+ AtoZchallenge

After yesterday’s epic Facebook post, today’s post on G+ is equally epic… Edited with BlogPad Pro

F is for Facebook #AtozChallenge

As was probably obvious, today’s post is all about Facebook.   Edited with BlogPad Pro

Ello and Tsu – new networks, can they compete? #atozchallenge

I’m often asked whether I recommend using the newer networks.  It used to be G+ that generated the ‘new network’ question, then one that opened especially for writers (and is now gone, so I won’t name it), and now it’s… Continue Reading

Do you interact or just post? #AtoZchallenge

The mantra of this blog is always going to be ‘social media is social’.  So, today I thought I’d ask how you inteact with your followers.   Many people that I ask this are pretty much in one position or… Continue Reading

C is for change your mindset

One of the major ways to get more out of social media is to change your mindset.  In short, instead of looking at social media as a selling platform, look at it as a place to make connections.  It’s as… Continue Reading

B is for Blogging 101 #atozchallenge #blogging

One major component in any marketing plan is a blog. Now, before you say anything about not needing a blog, you have a website, websites are easier to maintain if you need something that relies on SEO to rank.  Connect… Continue Reading