N is for new stuff, coming up #AtoZChallenge

I thought it might be fun to share a few of the new things that I’ve got coming up.  New books, new projects, and how we’re moving forward with our lives right now.  My mental health has held me back for quite a long time, so I thought I’d share some of my plans, not […]

Taking Submissions: Uncommon Evil

Deadline: November 15th, 2017 Payment: Royalties Submission Details: Submissions must be in English and written to the highest quality you are capable. Avoid passive voice. Consider making a pass with an editor before submission. Maximum Word Count is 10,000, however I’m not going to turn away something awesome that’s a little over. This is a paid […]

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Shaun Allan’s Darker Places Tour – Darkness and madness

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Kai’s Corner: Clean Reader – A Summary and My Views

Quick summary:  Clean Reader is an app that didn’t seek […]

Steve Peek’s Longclaws and Alien Agenda tour…

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Kai’s Corner: Introductions and freelancing

Hello there First up, I feel I should introduce myself. […]