N is for Night Watch #AtoZChallenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes Night Watch by Terry Pratchett is hands down, one of the most amazing fantasy books I have ever read, and I frequently revisit it.  We […]

M is for Mansions of Madness #AtoZChallenge

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mansions of Madness has been one of my favorite games since we got it, sometime around 2013.  It’s one we break out again and again, […]

K is for Killers #AtoZChallenge

Reading Time: 3 minutes While a lot of These Our Fandoms will talk about the sci-fi and fantasy, gaming and more that I’m interested it, I also have to […]

I is for Info-Sec #AtoZChallenge

I don’t talk about it very much, but one of my personal passions, beyond linguistics (which I’ll talk about later!) is info-sec, cyber security, and the intersection in psychology today of how we use and protect our information online, what we ‘trade’ with, and why, and how to teach people some stuff that isn’t as […]

I is for Infinity Stones #AtoZchallenge

Reading Time: 3 minutes When we talked about what to write about, I instantly said our I had to be Infinity Stones.  Since Iron Man, and the beginning of […]

H is for Help#atozchallenge

So, I promised the AtoZ would touch on as many things about my life, mostly writing, as possible, and one of the big things in my life is the amount of help I put in, in the (Indie) writing community. I thought I’d list a couple of the places I’m involved in, to share some […]

G is for Goals #atozchallenge

Goals.Ah, I just swore I think. There was definitely a disturbance in the force… Today I’m going to talk about my goals, and goalsetting. Which goes completely against the grain.You see, I’m a pantser. I do things at the closest to a deadline I can (which is a terrible habit, I know), or I just […]

F is for (in)fertility #atozchallenge

I’m going to add a rare trigger warning to this post, as it talks about miscarraige, mental health, loss, and infertility. With that, I also want to explain why I chose this subject instead of talking about another character or book. Firstly, it’s a reality for us right now… People that are closer to me […]

F is for Firefly #AtoZchallenge

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, I’m going to talk about one of my most favorite shows in the world, and one that I came to very late, based on […]

E is for Elliot Peters #AtoZchallenge

(originally published for the A-zChallenge in 2015) The single most important person to me in the Darkness Deadlies is Elliot.  He is in fact, probably the most important character to me full stop, and he’s been around now for 16 years.  And instead of telling you about him now, I thought I’d first tell you […]