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And I hit a stall…

Firstly, we’re in our two week wait. So, to be honest, my heart hasn’t been in it all week, which has been hard for writing in general. Which isn’t really helpful right now because alongside everything else I’ve had to deal with this week (business stuff mostly, to make my companies dormant), I’m also worried…

Birth announcements when #TCC

Let’s talk about birth announcements when trying to conceive.  It’s a bit of minefield if you’re trying for a family, but there are a few tried and true tips on how to keep frustration down when passing love and good wishes on to friends and family. Firstly, huge congratulations to the Royal Family, and the…

Looking back on the #AtoZ2019challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now that the AtoZchallenge for 2019 is over, I just thought I’d do a quick retrospective 🙂 A for Arkham Horror talked about the first […]

Updating for the #reissue

Glass Block was originally released in 2015, and spent two years or so on the market before the Alexandria Publishing Group closed.  When it closed, I used that as a sign that I needed to regroup.  I won’t go into all of the details of what happened, but people that follow my main blog @ […]

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