A is for Apocalypse #atozchallenge

Funnily enough, for the A to Z challenge, and starting with A, given what I write, I’ve decided to start with A for Apocalypse, because most of my stories are based around or after (and during) the Apocalypse. Or various Apocalypses of all kinds.

From the end of the world because of nuclear holocaust, to zombies, I’ve got an interest in them all. Dry, one of my upcoming books, talks about the world without water, and dowsers, which isn’t a common subject as far as I know (tell me in the comments if you’ve seen one!). Apok is about people talking about ‘their’ experience of the end of the world. And the story isn’t exactly the same from each person, so relies very heavily on an unreliable narrator.

The only series I don’t write in a straight Apocalypse setting is Darkness, but even then, the world might end, depending on Elliot’s choices. Elliot being Elliot Peters, my main character from the series.

My fascination with the Apocalypse started when I was young, and started reading horror. The Stand, which seemed to really kickstart my interest in writing about it. I’ve backed off from it recently, because the world is pretty dystopic, and apocalypses seem to be closer than ever.

My serieses of books that cover the Apocalypse include ‘Black Monday’, (settlers in space after the earth is destroyed) ‘Salvagers’, (prisoners reclaiming tech) and the Prayer for the Dammed (zombies) trilogy. There are also stories in Memento Mori, which will be back soon – Footnotes to a Lesson is part of the Dammed trilogy, and is a part of the universe.

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  1. Hello …

    Actually one of my favorite genres to read. So I am glad to have found you. I am also participating in the A-2-Z challenge. My topic is Aging and Retirement. Best of luck in this challenge. I will be back.

    • Awesome 🙂 I love writing, so I’m hoping I can do the A-Z justice this year. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Well, the apocalypse is both a terrifying and fascinating subject, in all the variety of ways people understand it. I wish you good luck with the challenge

    I am not sure if this will transform into a nice clickable link; if it doesn’t, just copy and paste it into your browser. (Sorry, not using the laptop):


    • It is. It’s got such a diverse set of meanings even in the universes I write, let alone as others understand it. I backed away from writing a lot of it because (as I’ll talk about in D for Dystopia/Darkness) the world seems to be going off the rails, and it’s almost as if I’m writing a possible future, which is disquieting.
      I’m coming to visit your blog next, thanks for commenting!

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