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Six word stories – the introductory edition #Mondayblogs

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with short form stories. Originally, the most poignant story I ever encountered was the one written, apparently by Hemingway (though that’s since been refuted as the source of the story) which goes as follows: For Sale:Baby Shoes.  Never Worn. So, for #Mondayblogs, I thought I’d start a six word stories, with different themes. If you post one, you can fill in the comment form with a link of your choice, but please only sign your name on the post itself, to keep the stories as the main event.  You may post as…

Why #Kaiatus turned into silence

Hi guys and gals.  Bear with me a sec, while I explain something. At the end of June, myself and my business partner (Shaun Allan, he of Sin, and Darker Places, among other things) set up an app company.  Then, a couple of days into the new company stuff, I fell down the stairs in our house. I don’t exactly know what happened.  I was unconscious when David found me, but my son found me first.  All I remember before that was reaching down to make sure my little grey and white cat, Haley, hadn’t brought in a bird.  On the steps.  Ooops….