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The home stretch – Woooohooo!

I’ve shepherded many authors though this, so you’d think it would be easier for me, but of course, when it’s your own book, it becomes very difficult indeed. But… In the next day or two, Glass Block’s ARC’s will be available.  That represents the final print/Ebook format for my book, and means that I’ll have submitted […]

Kai’s Corner: Clean Reader – A Summary and My Views

Quick summary:  Clean Reader is an app that didn’t seek […]

And we’re live! Win!

So the rafflecopter is live! I’m so excited – we’re getting closer and closer to launch.  If you’d like to help support me, please head on over to my Thunderclap and share my campaign.  Or you can pre-order from the UK or US. On the 1st, I’ll start the A-Z.  It’s going to be great! a […]

Enter our rafflecopter draw from tomorrow

From tomorrow until the 1st of May, you can enter to read or run! Win a Fitbit, or A Kindle Fire! Glass Block is due out April 15th, and you can sign up for an ARC copy if you’re a qualified blogger, you can pre-order from the UK or US, and you can enter to […]

Social media from #Atozchallenge

Many blogs tonight getting the update to explain what I’m doing for the Blogging from A to Z 2015 challenge. And unlike the other blog with vague themes and “anything goes”, I have a plan for this blog. Digital Marketing… Continue Reading

#AtoZChallenge overview

Starting April 1st Author Interrupted is going to be taking part in the 2015 Blogging from A-Z challenge. We’ve taken part the last few years and to be honest, it’s A LOT of fun. Monday through Saturday ( Sunday’s off for good behaviour catching up on new blogs) I’ll be taking part on not one, not two, but FOUR blogs, launching my book, and running a page a day for some Camp Nanowrimo participants.  Plus all the usual duties I take part in.  It’s going to be a blast! I will be utilising all of my tech to do this…

#atozchallenge announcement, and join us!

The Alexandria Publishing Group is once again delighted to be taking part in the Blogging from A to Z challenge just as we did last year.  This year, join myself, Valerie Douglas, Mary Ann Peden-Coviello, Renee Barrett, Donna K Fitch, Rik Hall and Linda Hall, Christine Ardigo and Paul Kater as we share everything that we think fits…

#atozchallenge – and you can win too!

I’ve recently posted on various blogs that I’m releasing Glass Block to the world.  So, there’s going to be an A-Z of Darkness PD this coming month – everything you need to know about the book and the characters and of course, the things that you need to know, and of course, a bit about […]

What’s Mailing List Monday, and why should I care?

Indie authors have all of the tools that internet marketers use at their fingertips, though one of the easiest to maintain and use are mailing lists.  But, amazingly, the beginner author doesn’t take advantage of them and even more amazingly, many authors don’t realise that there is an old maxim attached to mailing lists.  One […]

#AuthorInterrupted welcomes Rachel Thompson #Mondayblogs

Kai’s note – Rachel’s honesty and beauty in her outlook helps her advocate for those who may not otherwise feel they have a voice.  I’m honoured to host her today and share her story.  And not only is Rachel an amazing writer and advocate, she founded #Mondayblogs, so it’s great to share her post today, during #Mondayblogs   Why should someone who hasn’t had similar experiences read the book?  Thank you for hosting me, Kai! One of the reasons I wrote Broken Pieces, and the newly released Broken Places, is to give people an idea of the aftermath of living…