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Kai’s Zippy guide to Marketing – #AtoZchallenge

Thank you everyone that has read our posts, following our AtoZChallenge. I thought to close out, I’d share what I’ve learned about marketing while supporting the AtoZchallenge, and in my new job, as a Community Manager at Mantic Games. First up – marketing doesn’t need to be complicated Don’t like Twitter?  You’re missing out, but […]

S is for Scapple #AtoZChallenge

I love Scrivener. It’s the software program that allows me to write my novel and keep it structured. It includes virtual index cards, allows for multiple documents, helps make sure you don’t lose any versions, keep up with research, and generally “create order from chaos,” as their marketing information states. But that’s not what this […]

M is for Marketing #atozchallenge

I hope every independent author knows by now that the job’s not finished just because you click that Publish button. Marketing is essential if you want to be a successful indie author. Here are a few of my favorite marketing tips: Write more than one book. Think in terms of marketing yourself as your brand, […]

K is for Killer ideas, and how to keep them organised #AtoZchallenge

OK.  Here’s the thing. Many MANY writers get inspiration in the funniest places.  I know I do.  Hanging upside down from a tree over a river was about the worst place.  Best idea in the world, but then I got a fright and fell out of the tree, and the idea went pop. Maybe a […]

K is for Kai #AtoZchallenge #Introductions

HI! My name’s Kai, and I’m happy to introduce myself today. I’m the press officer/(social media) marketing manager/writer and website maintainer.  I’m also (for the last two years at least), the editor-in-chief/curator for the anthology. And I write. Yup.  Most important bit, always comes last.  I write everything from non-fiction to fiction of mostly all […]

J. Jewels

“There are two typos of people in this world: those who can edit, and those who can’t.” – Jarod Kintz A good editor is more valuable than jewels. Consider this scenario: Suppose you’re floating on a raft down a lazy river, shaded by leafy trees under a brilliant blue sky. The air is the perfect […]

I is for Inspiration #AtoZChallenge

I’ve been thinking since we talked about doing this challenge about how to write about inspiration.  I mean, how exactly do you write about the things that inspire you to write? Do you talk about the gentle (or not so gentle) muse, who leads you by the hand.  Or who whispers in the night.  Or […]

The Stray Ally Tour with Troy Lambert

And after our wildly successful launch day for Stray Ally, the Finishing Fairies are now delightedly hosting a small tour for the very same book.  Since it’s launch it’s garnered some great critical acclaim, and currently has an average of 4.6 stars on (as of April 3rd). The tour, fromRead More