It’s the most wonderful time of the…hang on a minute…#Nanowrimo #Anxiety

Yeah, OK, sorry if that reminds you of X-mas, but for me, this is the most wonderful time of the year – or at least, it’s supposed to be. For those of you that are new to the blog, I’m pagan (a white woman as it happens), and so Samhain starts an amazing month and a bit where I’m running Nanowrimo locally – battering around like a loon, talking to new writers and cheering, very loudly for everyone taking part whether or not they ‘win’. This year though, there’s a bit of reluctance in me.  A bit of sadness too,…

The 34 Seconds tour: Deltaville Steamed Blue Crabs

Welcome to the tour for Stella Samuel’s book, 34 Seconds.  To kick off the tour, I asked Stella to share with me a recipe with me that meant something to her for her or her book. Stella told me she was sharing recipes with me – Steamed Crabs and Hush Puppies.  I live in the UK, so I was understandably confused by Hush Puppies – they are a brand of shoes here…But we cleared that up and I’m delighted to share. I’ll let Stella explain: When I was growing up in Deltaville, my grandfather would spend the morning on his boat…

Hush Puppies

These Hush Puppies were given to us as a recipe by Stella Samuel, to celebrate the launch of her novel, 34 Seconds. Hush Puppies Ingredients 1/4Cup all purpose flour 1cup yellow cornmeal 1 1/2teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 egg 3/4cup milk Enough oil for 2-3 inches of deep frying Instructions In large bowl, combine dry ingredients, then add whisked egg and milk Mix together until mixture is wet Heat oil to 375 Add little 1-1 ½ inch balls to hot oil. Fry for 2-3 minutes. Recipe Notes Enjoy with Steamed Crabs and a cold Beer!

Deltaville Steamed Blue Crabs

Cool, crack, and enjoy a Deltaville tradition Deltaville Steamed Blue Crabs CourseMain Dish Ingredients Live Blue Crabs 1/2 – 1cup Old Bay Seasoning Beer White Vinegar Instructions Mix vinegar, beer, and ¼ cup of Old Bay into large stock pot Heat on high heat until a steamy simmer Place screen or metal strainer over hot liquid Sprinkle Old Seasoning over the top of each crab Add crabs by layer to the strainer Cover to keep live crabs from climbing out! Steam until shells are orange, then sprinkle more Old Bay onto shells Recipe Notes Make sure you’re able to handle…

Six word stories – the introductory edition #Mondayblogs

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with short form stories. Originally, the most poignant story I ever encountered was the one written, apparently by Hemingway (though that’s since been refuted as the source of the story) which goes as follows: For Sale:Baby Shoes.  Never Worn. So, for #Mondayblogs, I thought I’d start a six word stories, with different themes. If you post one, you can fill in the comment form with a link of your choice, but please only sign your name on the post itself, to keep the stories as the main event.  You may post as…

Why #Kaiatus turned into silence

Hi guys and gals.  Bear with me a sec, while I explain something. At the end of June, myself and my business partner (Shaun Allan, he of Sin, and Darker Places, among other things) set up an app company.  Then, a couple of days into the new company stuff, I fell down the stairs in our house. I don’t exactly know what happened.  I was unconscious when David found me, but my son found me first.  All I remember before that was reaching down to make sure my little grey and white cat, Haley, hadn’t brought in a bird.  On the steps.  Ooops….

Author Interrupted reviews Logos, by John Neeleman

Today on the blog, I am delighted to welcome Novel Publicity’s Tour for Logos.  John Neeleman’s book is absolutely worth it, so let me introduce you to the book, and the tour. Review of Logos Read to the end of the blog for ways to win and more about the book.  First though…. I’m a pretty eclectic reader.  I mean, one day I’ll be in the middle of a zombie book, the next, I’m devouring literary fiction. I DEVOURED Logos.  It was such a good book. First – I don’t view this as a Christian book – it’s a theological…

Protected: DC sample app

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Tools to use – Evernote

InDIY guides is mostly to keep people up to date about the books and information out there to help indies – not just our books, but others in the community that we like too – but I’m going to share some of the tools that I just can’t live without. Evernote is one of the most […]

Tools to use – Pocket