Innocence is Gone #AtoZchallenge

While I talk very fondly about Elliot, I have to admit, if our characters could kill us, I think he would by now.  The first book of the series, Glass Block, destroys a lot of Elliot’s world (no spoilers as to what happens though), but Elliot reveals himself as someone that has lost his innocence […]

Fundimentalists and the nanovirus #AtoZchallenge

Instead of focussing on the ‘good guys’ today, I thought I’d share some interesting facts about how fundimentalism is handled in my novels, and the research I undertook to keep it accurate. Before I go any further into this post, because it deals with religion, please believe me when I say that I’m not dissing […]

Announcement – publication date change

Just a quick note after talking about how wonderful Elliot is that we’ve moved the publication date from April 15th to April 30th due to circumstances beyond my control.  Being my own publisher has some advantages, but dealing with things that come up is something I’d delightedly hand over royalties for, but everyone keeps telling […]

E is for Elliot #AtoZchallenge

The single most important person to me in the Darkness Deadlies is Elliot.  And instead of telling you about him now, I thought I’d tell you all about how he and I ‘met’. One evening in October, after settling the kids in for the night and organising thier weekend visit to their dad’s, I was […]

D is for Darkness #AtoZchallenge

Darkness, the city is a sprawling metropolis.  Split into six districts, Elliot and Morrigan work in Precinct 1, which covers District Soho and District Chana. Elliot is homicide – to give you an idea of what they deal with, som data suggests that Glasgow has 3 murders per 100,000 occupants (Amsterdam was twice that – […]

C is for change

Change is something that is a constant in my books.  It sounds funny, but change makes compelling fiction, and change drives decisions. The biggest change for Elliot occurs over the course of Glass Block, while Harper’s timeline changes over the course of several books, as does Morrigan’s. I think what makes it all so intense […]

B is for Books #AtoZchallenge

One of the major things I was really concerned about was longevity for the books.  I didn’t want to just spend a couple of books with the characters I created, so I spent a lot of time before Nanowrimo 2003 thinking about what I really wanted from the books.  And every year, they just grew […]

A is for Alpha males (and females) #AtoZchallenge

So here’s the deal – for the next month, I’m going to be talking about all of the elements I’ve worked on to create a great story – and I hope it excites you as much as I am to share it all.  There will be fiction, introductions, backgrounds.   Front and centre to all […]

The home stretch – Woooohooo!

I’ve shepherded many authors though this, so you’d think it would be easier for me, but of course, when it’s your own book, it becomes very difficult indeed. But… In the next day or two, Glass Block’s ARC’s will be available.  That represents the final print/Ebook format for my book, and means that I’ll have submitted […]

And we’re live! Win!

So the rafflecopter is live! I’m so excited – we’re getting closer and closer to launch.  If you’d like to help support me, please head on over to my Thunderclap and share my campaign.  Or you can pre-order from the UK or US. On the 1st, I’ll start the A-Z.  It’s going to be great! a […]