Firstly, we’re in our two week wait. So, to be honest, my heart hasn’t been in it all week, which has been hard for writing in general.

Which isn’t really helpful right now because alongside everything else I’ve had to deal with this week (business stuff mostly, to make my companies dormant), I’m also worried about trying to stay upbeat.  Our first month of ‘trying’ again left me excited and hopeful, but that was also alongside my ‘up’ period in my mental health.  This month, I’m at the opposite end of the scale, and so, two weeks in, I’m sitting with 5000 words, mostly talking about dealing with needing to have a strong base to build from.  None of which I’ve actually managed to achieve this week.

I’ve got a few blog posts lined up to talk about distraction during the two week wait, and all of the other stuff that I’d said I would touch on, and some of that will also be in more depth in the book, but this week has amounted to a lot of nothing, for this and my other book.  I’ve been having a bit of fun on Twitter, making new friends, becoming a leader in the #writingcommunity, but I’d trade all of it, in an instant, to know if we’ve managed it this month.

I’ll also be talking about meds this tick through – one of the things I’ve discovered about those of us with mental health issues, especially if we’re on meds, is that it’s something that’s rarely talked about from a personal perspective, or it hasn’t been around me at least.  It’s all about risks – which is understandable, but there isn’t a….human feel to that, in some ways, so I’ll be talking about that too.

So, in saying I’ve not done much, I guess I did, it’s just not ended up in the book, it’s all coming up, on the blog.

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