Glass Block was originally released in 2015, and spent two years or so on the market before the Alexandria Publishing Group closed.  When it closed, I used that as a sign that I needed to regroup.  I won’t go into all of the details of what happened, but people that follow my main blog @ ByKai will see that I stopped everything for a long time.  It’s been a tough road to get along, if I’m honest, but I’m hoping things are going to ease a bit as I get back into writing.  And it only seems right that Glass Block is the book that I get everything (re)-started on.
So, Glass Block will be updated for reissue.  I’ll blog about some of it here in the coming days, but hopefully, it’ll be smooth sailing and we’ll get everything done with ease and up and going again.

With special thanks to my new editor, who is giving it the last once over.
Because it’s so close though, if you’re in my ARC team, the signup form will be going up, for issue just before June 1st, which is my target relaunch date.

If you’re not part of my arc team, why not!? 🙂  You can join at Kai’s Kailarks!

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