I thought it might be fun to share a few of the new things that I’ve got coming up.  New books, new projects, and how we’re moving forward with our lives right now.  My mental health has held me back for quite a long time, so I thought I’d share some of my plans, not just my goals, to see if people want to come join in, and support me.


I blog here, at ByKai, though the other stuff on ByKai comes from other places, including These Our Fandoms, and I’m hoping to relaunch Bi-Polarbears soon.  I also blog at both The Indie Author Group (and TWIRL), and the HorrorTree (sometimes)! We’re talking about what to do with some of my other blogs, so it’s possible that there will be other posts appearing here very soon.  Until they do though, I’m trying to keep up with here and These Our Fandoms, because they’re good practice.  After the #AtoZChallenge, I’ll be dropping the volume of the posts here, and These Our Fandoms, which I share with another blogger, but there should be regular content appearing often.


The books list is considerably longer, and probably mostly aspirational.  So instead of sharing them now, I thought I’d just do a mass of proper cover reveals.  Everything is currently undated though, so let me know what you like the look of and I’ll see what I can do 🙂
Sabrann is my horror name, and there are a pile of images in there for Darkness (including the reissue of Glass Block which is up first), some Non-fiction (Social Media Mastery, and There is a Second Season Sometimes, which I’ve sort of blogged about in F is for Infertility.).  I’ve got a couple of other pen names, though I’m sorting through several of the covers to decide what’s happening.  Each will get a post in the coming weeks and a date for release – I just need to sit down with my calendar 😉  Fayth is my adult pen name, and does of course, carry an adult warning or three.

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And of course, I’ll be around and helping out more.
If you’re interested, please join up and look in on my Street Team, because we’ll be announcing ARCs or review copies very soon, or please sign up for my newsletter 🙂

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