So, I promised the AtoZ would touch on as many things about my life, mostly writing, as possible, and one of the big things in my life is the amount of help I put in, in the (Indie) writing community.

I thought I’d list a couple of the places I’m involved in, to share some of the stuff that I’m involved in – maybe you can join in too.

On Facebook

My main hangouts on Facebook are:

The Indie Author Group – Founded by Valerie Douglas, I jumped in to help with co-founding, it’s an award-winning group with lots of writers and service providers of all levels. It’s also strictly no advertising (bar a few controlled documents for the service providers). I’m biassed, but we’re a very nice group that works hard to support people, and we run a blog to boot! (Indie Author Group, and our short answers library TWIRL.

My own street team – get news on books, freebies, and advice. It’s a new group, but there’s space for other authors to share at various points during the month, including a payday and new releases thread.

20Booksto50K – a massive group devoted to all things writing. It’s a very professional, very focused site, and they don’t hold back when you ask for advice. They hold two conventions a year, and have lots of offshoot groups.

On Twitter (Hashtags)

My favorite hashtags on Twitter are #WritingCommunity, #Amwriting and #MondayBlogs. It’s also run at MondayBlogs. Mostly because they’re really great for interaction. But you can use anything as a hashtag. I’ve been building up #writersfam too!

@AGLetterman also started an amazing project called #indieapril. She’s also very active in the #writingcommunity.

So, where’s your favorite places to hang out?

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