Black Monday Cataclysm is the second oldest Universe I write in, and it’s one I think of fondly, even though I’ve never gotten around to publishing it yet. What I do have is nearly ready though, and that’s the first book of the first series, and the first book of the spin off.

The first series – Black Monday Cataclysm

Cataclysm is what happens when the Earth’s atmosphere is ignited when the Grey Shadow tries to launch from near earth orbit. A massive explosion destroys the world, and only five settler ships remain. By concensus, the ship is renamed to the Black Monday Cataclysm. And that’s where the story starts, along with the persecution of the second in command, Farran, who is blamed for the catastrophe.

The story arc itself (five books total) touches on drug abuse, religion, and a lot of other topics, all set against a backdrop of the almost mass extinction of the human race. Or at least, that’s as it seems.

The second series – Salvagers

Salvagers picks up where Farran finds himself. In this case, woken from cryosleep after being convicted and sentenced to the life and used to reclaim tech and other items found as they cross space. Salvagers is set 160 years after the conclusion of the Black Monday series, and is about a bunch of convicts used to leverage alien tech. That leverage helps the settlers left, after the fallout of the Black Monday series, protect themselves in a universe with fewer and fewer humans.

Both series share a rich tech backdrop, so I consider them hard sci-fi, though others may disagree.

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