I thought, with a few days to go, I’d share the dedications from the book.


Dear reader. Most of these names won’t mean a thing to you, unless you’re one of the people listed. You are welcome to skip them, but if you know me, online or off, you might not wanna 😉

First up though.

I want to put a special dedication into the book for the Nanowrimo. Without it, the book, the series, the universe would never have been written. So, if you’re at a bit of a loose end in November (or April/July for Camp Nanowrimo), wanna meet some people just as crazy about writing as you or want to support up and coming writers, then head on over to http://nanowrimo.org.

A portion of every sale of EVERY book I’ve written or will later publish goes to Nanowrimo.

First and foremost.

To my beloved, David – without your unwavering belief, clever ideas, encouragement and comfort when it all went pear-shaped, this book would be gathering digital dust. Without your love, I’d be a completely different person, and I hope every day coming is as good as the last – together.


To my children – there’s two of you right now, though there may be more in the future. Love you loads. Thanks for putting up with your mom’s crazy need to write *everything* down and take photos of stupid stuff 😉

To Keith – People are lucky to have one best friend. I’ve got four, and you’re one of em. Thank you so much for sending the notes and the part I thought I’d lost. Thanks for talking to me about forensics, and not dying laughing when I said the dumb stuff ™. Get your book written sunshine 😉

To Katie-Anne – love you big sis. Thanks for being my unwavering cheerleader – even when I was being an angsty dumbass.

To Renée – I adore your design work, and am blessed and delighted to be able to call you not only my designer, but a dear friend. Thank you for helping me with the big AND small decisions, design and all of the other fun stuff we get into.

To Valerie – newer to the list of important people, we seem to be one another’s shadows for lots of things. Thank you for being either a step in front, a step behind or right beside me – to get your advice, your support and to be one of the first people to get to cheer YOU on.

To Mary Ann – founder of #chartermemberofteamkai, patient, intelligent and funny. I think you, of all people on this list, have been waiting the longest for this book. Tada!

To Kriss – thank you for your unwavering support, crazy sounding board fun and sharing our horror blog with me!

To the members of APG – Ok, it took me a while, granted. Thanks for being there for me.

To Pavarti – Inspirational, honest and supportive – can’t ask for a better online friend!

To Rae and your other half Ben – thanks for listening to the crazies, cheering on the crazies, and encouraging the laughter over said crazies.

To my mother – I dunno what to say, other than thanks. Without everything you did for me as a child, I’d never have loved books enough to want to write one, and without your patient tutelage, I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun with learning, nor be so obsessed with continuing as an adult.

To my family and my family-in-law – thank you for your unwavering patience, support and funny conversations. And thank you for not looking at me as if I am completely insane when I went hunting for a pen and paper, or said completely random things that made you stop and think that I was mad.

To all my Nanowrimo participants – thank you for letting me ML, and thank you for cheering me on when I hit crazy word-counts. Here’s to many more years of that. And to Nanowrimo HQ itself. Office of Letters and Light will receive 5% of all sales, of all books from now on.

To Troy, Simon, Zoe, Jack, Sara, KJ, the lecturers at Gloucester University and all of my classmates – Thank you. You know what for, but thank you. My voice only got louder once I did that degree – best four years of my life!

To all my friends and fans online – Facebook is a blast, sure, but it really does get in the way of writing. Thank you for being the distraction I needed to get the story straight in my head ;).

Love you loads – thanks for your support, crazy about you all!

D Kai Wilson-Viola

April 2015 – Gloucestershire

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