Originally, Glass Block was written with three characters in mind, then I had to add a couple of extra, because leaving them unsketched and vague didn’t really work the way I wanted.  Justin was one of the few people that ended up on Naire’s team that I actually felt sorry for.  One of the main reasons was that he’s not infected.

Let me explain…

Naire takes the people he really wants to keep into his confidence, and infects them with a Nanovirus.  It may turn out later that there are immune people (spoilers either way!), but for one reason or another – perhaps that Naire has no intention of keeping his promises to the people involved in the prison project, Justin isn’t infected.  Instead, he’s backlashing against CORE – the system that’s now used to keep track of everything in Darkness.

With such a distorted reason for him to be in the project in the first place, it’s not surprising that he abuses the technology that’s in the project space, including the specially sanctioned interface.  The problem is that a lot of the things that Elliot assumes about the things in the space he’s in are completely wrong.  I touch on it more in Glass Block, but there’s a whole level of ‘Elliot’s been tampered with’.  Justin is behind that – there are blocks and walls that start disolving.

At the end of the day, Justin may redeem himself, though to find out, you’ll need to get the book.  He does also appear in a couple of the stories from pre Glass Block, but that’s stories for another time.
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