internet concept on blackboardBefore I share my ten hour marketing plan, I thought I should give you a bit of background.

In 2011, when Valerie Douglas and I co-founded the Indie Author Group,  the social media narrative was ‘share with as many people as you can, don’t worry about ruffling feathers, it’s not permanent, no one cares’.  How times have changed.
I got really tired, after about a year, of people ignoring the advice not to spam, and claiming that to not spam meant social media became an incredible time sink.   This kept up for a few years, until I finally got annoyed enough to distil down the advice I’d written in my ’10 Hour marketing plan’ book, which I’ve yet to release!

While these conversations were going on, by the end at least, I was working my ‘day job’ as a PR support worker, and eventually, ended up on a seven month contract with Mantic Games, creating some of the best work of my career to date.

The first draft of this plan appeared early 2013.  It’s been updated a couple of times a year since, but the core values have remained the same.  I hope it helps you.

How do I promote in 10 hours a week?

So…I keep giving people this mythical 10 hours a week number and saying ‘I do all of my (book) promotion in 10 hours a week’.

And I do.

So I thought I’d share my basics.

  1. Facebook sweep – I spend 10 minutes sweeping FB for anything interesting to share to my page. If I find something neat I either post it, or queue it. I fill my content usually by Wednesday for one of my author pages. I’m just picking up doing the second one now. I do this four times a day (40 mins total)
  2. Blog posts – 30 mins. I write a blog post daily. (1hr 10 mins)
  3. Twitter – 10 minutes, three times a day. I retweet interesting stuff. (1 hr 40)
    MONDAYS – head on over to #mondayblogs, share other people’s posts and share one blog post of your own – make sure it’s not promotional.  It’s a HUGE resource for bloggers, thanks to Rachel Thompson. (
  4. Klout 15mins 3x per week – I love their scheduled content, don’t care about my score. (1hr 40) ** +45 mins at the end of the week.
  5. **Triberr 25 mins/3x per week – more content, more community building.
  6. Work/write – the bulk of my day is spent writing or working – I work as a community manager, so I keep an eye on my pages/twitter too (Hootsuite is my friend). (1hr 40 total)* (I’ll add the 1 hour 15 on at the end)
  7. Email – 10 mins twice a day for marketing purposes. ( 2hrs)

Repeat three days a week (except the stuff that’s daily).

Ok, so it’s not quite 10 hours, and sometimes I’m faster than I think with the stuff I’m doing.

Wanna know how I get so much done?

I do my email DEAD LAST.

It’s important – really important – not to do your email first. If you do, you’re reacting for the rest of the day. My boss knows if I don’t answer by 1pm, I haven’t seen it and calls me, but I *always* check my email before 1pm. And I’m off on the weekends. So I promote in just under 10 hours a week.

If I’m doing a tour, it goes up (naturally), and some of that is even sharing other people.
Questions? Feel free to ask!

Need a VA/PA/Digital marketing support?  Get in touch!  We are experts in local search, to global promotions, and I recently helped out on a Kickstarter that funded out at over a million dollars while working for a gaming company.  I can increase your sales of any product or service.

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