I’m pretty much a sharer.  I share photos of my cats, the games we play, the places we go, new things I’m playing with, writing snippets, coffee meets.

And I do it all on Instagram.

Check out some of my newest images and let me know what you think!

As you can see, unlike the other networks, I just don’t sell on Instagram – instead I use it to show off my personality, and my interests so that I can connect with likeminded people.  I’ve recieved a lot of positive feedback from my posts on Instagram, and if you want to do that for your company, the single best thing I can suggest is to be candid.

Instead of some do’s, I’m going to offer some don’ts today.

  • Don’t sell – you shouldn’t really be selling hard anywhere on social media.  Instagram could be used to post images of testimonials, products, inspiration or insider looks at things.
  • Don’t push – advertising or sharing links on Instagram is seen as very heavy handed.  It’s important to ensure what you’re sharing is appropriately credited though.
  • Don’t cross-post if your personal profile on Facebook isn’t where people check out your stuff – Currently, Instagram can’t post to a page.  Instead, post it to Twitter, then share back to your page.
  • Don’t assume that people will connect with you – Instagram doesn’t *really* have an ROI, unless you’re image based, and even then, don’t consider each follower as something with a cost value.
  • Don’t worry about sharing personal stuff ocassionally – check out some of the more irreverant tags (I love #catsofinstagram).  Have a bit of fun and show who you are, and you’ll attract far more interest.

What do you think?  Is Instagram somewhere you think you’re likely to check out if you have time?  Are you already on Instagram?  What’s your favorite tag?

Also, a quick I is for IMAGES.  Grab some free ones from Hubspot, or sign up for a 30 day trial on Kozzi.  If you do, you get 10 credits, I get 10 credits, and you get five images a day for $5 per month after your trial.

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