Tools are very important when you get to the point where you need to maintain your social media profile, and one of my favorite tools is Hootsuite.  I’ve been a member since it was new, so I pay one low cost for my professional account and that’s it.

Hootsuite has two levels

Paid, and non-paid.  The biggest thing that you have to pay for, of course, is bulk scheduling via upload, which I’ll be honest, I really quite like. It’s quite liberating to sit down for half an hour, write up my content, schedule my links and away I go.  It leaves me free for projects like #Mondayblogs, which, by the way, is easy to do because I’m watching it in Hootsuite and it automatically queues them for me as I go.  There are lots of easy things to use it with, but I think the absolute best thing that I like is being able to share to multiple profiles on Twitter, pages and my profile on Facebook and pages on Google + easily – it’s such a time saver and lets me get the word out, fast.  I can sort and search on hashtags, meaning I can not only monitor, but retweet critical stuff – not just MondayBlogs.

There are lots of articles about the nitty gritty of Hootsuite, but you’re best starting on their site, and blog, then googling specific issues.  Exploring is easy too, they give a free pro trial – you should give it a go, because for many, less than $20 a month is more than enough to get them going and that’s such a good investment.  There are other similar ones, like Buffer and Tweetdeck, but Hootsuite also provides Metrics (which I’ll be talking about at M for).
If you’d like to sign up, please head on over and use my link – if you do, let me know and I’ll answer one pressing question you have – just comment on this post and I’ll get in touch!


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