I kinda feel sorry for Harper – before Glass Block kicks off, he’s already had his spine damaged and has been asked to retire from the police force, but he’s a great private eye.  He’s Elliot’s best freind, was once Beth’s lover (Elliot’s wife) and can jump dimensions, from Darkness to an Alt-Edinburgh, where magic is real and his best freind runs a bar for supernatural types. 

Harper’s first book is Banshee, but he appears in both Glass Block and Paradise as it stands.  Harper is a younger policeman, who first met Elliot chasing down a ghost (which comes up about book 11, should I ever get there).  He was recruited as a police officer after helping the team track down a major trafficing shipment, which exposed Morrigan Roth’s husband as a clone – by the end of that investigation he was shot in the back.

Harper is pretty much Elliot’s opposite – while Elliot listens to hard rock, Harper listens to newer alt-rock.  He’s got a soft Scottish accent, Elliot’s got a differnet accent. 

Were I to cast Elliot now, instead of Chris Meloni, I’d choose Micha Collins.  Harper is definitively Iain De Caestecker (Leopold Fitz, Agents of Shield.) or David Tennant at a push.  Ten years ago, he was definitively David…now I’m not sure David couldn’t be the new Captain.  It’s all good though – I don’t use my references for anything other than keeping stuff straight when doing something complicated.

Harper is injured now.  But all will be revealed in Glass Block, then Banshee.

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