I’m often asked whether I recommend using the newer networks.  It used to be G+ that generated the ‘new network’ question, then one that opened especially for writers (and is now gone, so I won’t name it), and now it’s Ello and Tsu.

A little history

I’ve been using social media since Livejournal, which I consider to be one of the first sites to offer features that let you follow people.  I came to Myspace after, and again, it was quite rudimentary, social media wise, but it was still a basic social media site.
Then I joined Facebook and then, Twitter.  And then I was part of Google Wave, then + and now I’m on Ello and Tsu.
So what can I tell you about new social media networks?


/p>Well, is a very basic posting system that has really evolved since it started – it’s beautiful and easy to use, but it does have very few ‘features’.  It’s also pretty isolationary as far as I can tell.  So it’s good if you’re looking for a new audience, but on a scale of ‘sociable and easy to use’ and ‘dunno what’s happening here, need to really work to get involved’, it’s nearer the hard work scale.  I’m still holding out hopes for it and Tsu.


One of the major things I noticed about , right off the bat wasn’t the money making thing that goes on without any intervention, it was the fact that every single author over there that added me that I didn’t know were spamming the ass off the place.  I went over in the closed beta, in the last week, and then discovered when everyone started hitting it due to critical mass that it was full of worse spam than I was seeing on Facebook.  I’ve looked again, and my list is a bit of a ghost town, though I’ve had a chat with people heavily involved there and it is totally ‘buy my book, enter my draw’.  As I said in my last post, that’s a bad idea socially.

Would I recommend that you join them? 
Yes, but not for the reason you’re thinking of probably.  You should ALWAYS join new networks with your branded username.  Always grab it, and then if you don’t want to use it, it’s still yours and won’t cause confusion or anger when you do grab it when you join and discover some random Joe has it.

Are you on or ?  Friend me if you are, and let me know in the comments how your social circles look!

Oh, and for the record, I’ve made a whole $0.26 since joining, and I’m totally inactive now.

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