Just a quick note after talking about how wonderful Elliot is that we’ve moved the publication date from April 15th to April 30th due to circumstances beyond my control.  Being my own publisher has some advantages, but dealing with things that come up is something I’d delightedly hand over royalties for, but everyone keeps telling it’ll be worth it in the end.

I know Glass Block has been delayed more times than anyone can count, but I promise that this is the absolute final delay.  I have work to do for others during this week, but the unavoidable stuff needs a few extra days to sort itself out and we’ll be good to go.  It does however mean that if you want an ARC, that’s easy to organise, and if you couldn’t fit me in for blog posts (because you wanted the end of the month, I can now do that!  Wheee!

It’ll take me a few days to track down all the mentions of April 15th , so please don’t worry about the date.  One last tiny delay and we’re done!

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