Darkness, the city is a sprawling metropolis.  Split into six districts, Elliot and Morrigan work in Precinct 1, which covers District Soho and District Chana.
Elliot is homicide – to give you an idea of what they deal with, som data suggests that Glasgow has 3 murders per 100,000 occupants (Amsterdam was twice that – 2012). Darkness is about 2 per 100,000.  With nine million occupants though, that’s quite a few serious murders.

Darkness is also the home of some quite serious diseases and disorders – the most serious of which is passed on by nanovirus.  Nanoviruses can also be used to rewrite DNA (to remove damage), to change superficial things (everything from hair colour to eye colour) and to indoctrinate, convince and pass on basic information.  Some of this has been bent and changed to suit criminals – Elliot’s last case before moving to homicide was the curious case of the tattletell banker.  I’ll be releasing that soon, but in short, the banker had been infected with something.

I have a vague idea of what the whole city looks like, though every time I’ve tried to sketch it, I couldn’t work it out.  At the moment, I’m leaving it like that, mostly because I’m sure that it’ll become clear in time.

The last bit I had to actually plan was the place where Harper crosses over into Edinburgh.  I know where he comes into the city – under a bridge, on the dual carraigeway near (at the back of, in fact), Fountainpark, but for the longest time I didn’t know where he crossed.  I had to find an uninfected area of the city.  And I did.

All of this comes up in Banshee, of course, which I’ve already mentioned, but the bit that I recently cut out is coming during ‘H for Harper’.

 So…what do you think?  Is there anything about Darkness you’d like me to answer?

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