One of the major things I was really concerned about was longevity for the books.  I didn’t want to just spend a couple of books with the characters I created, so I spent a lot of time before Nanowrimo 2003 thinking about what I really wanted from the books.  And every year, they just grew and grew.
What I never expected was to end up with close to 200 outlines for different books.  They’re not all novels, but when I first started writing Glass Block, it was only seven.  Now the seven are interspersed amongst the outlines now.

I’ve never actually talked about the things that go on in the next few books in great detail, because I kinda feel like it’s a spoiler, but I thought I’d share – I’m as invested as my readers in this.

Book 2 – Paradise
Religious activists on a camp out in the Wilderness, far outside Darkness.  But that’s where Naire ran to, and that’s where Elliot and Harper will go.  But not everything is as it seems, and Elliot and Harper face a question that neither wanted to deal with while away.

Book 3 – Banshee
Harper leaves Elliot and Morrigan behind for a little while and travels home, where he encounters Merridian, a magic wielder dealing with Fae, Vampires and Werewolves, Wraiths and Ghouls.  While home, two grisly murders threaten his secret life in another world, and the ties Merridian has built.

Book 4 – Traffik
Morrigan and Elliot start investigating the clones – overcoming some of the worst obstacles they’ve faced so far.  Between religious conversions and trafficking of clones, Darkness is facing a very dark time, and the legal system can’t keep up.

So that’s the next three up, and should ALL be up this year.  Which one do you think you’d like to see the most?

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