One major component in any marketing plan is a blog.

Now, before you say anything about not needing a blog, you have a website, websites are easier to maintain if you need something that relies on SEO to rank.  Connect your blog to an autopost system (there are plugins on self-hosted, and you can do work with various apps otherwise) and you’ve got instant “basic” juice (ranking).

Blog choices

At the end of the day, there are three major choices, and amyriad of not quite as easily used ones.  For the purposes of this post, I’ll only be talking about Blogger (crowd hosted), WordPress (crowd hosted) and WordPress  (self hosted).  Crowdhosted means you are not in charge of the platform that you’re on and you can’t install or use certain things.  Self-hosted means that you’ve got more responsibility, more power and ultimately, you need to keep an eye on updates etc.

Blogger and  hosted WordPress are designed to support bloggers who don’t want to go with hosting, and ensure that you’ve got all of the updates you need.  With stability though comes a lot of other issues, including inability to use Javascript based items such as Rafflecopter (WordPress crowd hosted), and though there are a lot of themes for Blogger, you need to know how to work on certain types of HTML to make some of the widgets in the sidebar.  While their interface is freindlier than it used to be, it’s still quite difficult for some people to add anything other than Blogger’s basic widgets.

Self-hosted means dealing with more issues, it’s true,  but the return on it is exponentially better.  No worrying about whether you can have that cool widget or plugin others are using, whether Rafflecopter will work properly. Self hosted WordPress opens up a whole new world  – themes are amazingly varied, and sites can be designed around anything you like.

Staring in one place and graduating

Moving to WordPress self-hosted is sort of like graduating.  And while it can be complicated to move to your new hosting, I’ve actually worked with so many people moving from both Blogger and WordPress, that I can help you. If you’re hanging around on crowd hosted sites, feel free to get in touch.  I can offer everything from basic hosting, to moving you to a new theme and design the site you deserve.  Just head over to our contact form!

We’ll officiall launch our hosting and design packages after Easter, but if you get in touch now, you can secure a 25% discount and a quote that bends over backwards to make you happy.

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