So here’s the deal – for the next month, I’m going to be talking about all of the elements I’ve worked on to create a great story – and I hope it excites you as much as I am to share it all.  There will be fiction, introductions, backgrounds.  

Front and centre to all of this was my Uni work (which is U, obviously, though over on Author Interrupted), L for launch and E is for Elliot.  M is for Morri, H is for Harper.
All three are my alpha males and females.  At one end of the spectrum in my books, it’s high tech, sci-fi police work.  At the other end, there’s an actual, honest to god magic wielder running around back in the world that Harper comes from.
Obviously, there will be more on that from Harper’s day, but for now I’m going to talk about why Alpha Males and Females are important to me.

My females pass the Bechdel test – one is a detective, another is a mage.  Both have lives outside of the things they do.  Merridian, my mage, lives in a parallel version of Edinburgh (which is where I’m originally from…well…not the parallel bit), while Morrigan and Elliot live in Darkness.  He works in Precinct 1, she’s Special services.  Harper seems to swing between all three, so far.

Elliot Peters is the main character in Glass Block.  If he’s not chasing down Nate Naire (guess what N’s for?), he’s dealing with some of the most serious recidivists in Darkness.  Serial killers, traffickers (when working with Morrigan), clones.    He’s not the normal type of detective though – he doesn’t use the most modern tools available to them, doesn’t trust anyone around him, and has good reason to.  He knows the paranormal exsists (his dad is the reason why, but that’s coming up in X, so I won’t spoil it for you.

As to why they’re important – my alpha males and females are part of what makes the book – in my opinion at least.

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