I’ve shepherded many authors though this, so you’d think it would be easier for me, but of course, when it’s your own book, it becomes very difficult indeed.
In the next day or two, Glass Block’s ARC’s will be available.  That represents the final print/Ebook format for my book, and means that I’ll have submitted long before the final deadline (when we’re actually on holiday!).

But I do have some good news.  ARC’s are now available, as I said, to request, and I’ll happily provide an ARC to anyone that has completed the quizzes (though you do have to remind me!), or if I’ve agreed to send you an ARC.

Reviewers can also request an ARC, but I do ask that your blog is active, that you’re happy to review a violent book with quite satirical undertones, and that you’re not simply requesting a freebie for the sake of a freebie.  I will check those that ask, and if you fit my criteria, I’ll send you a book.  If you don’t, I’ll still email you to let you know why.

But we’re coming down to the wire now, and funnily enough, I’m getting more and more nervous instead of less…

But debut novel, so of course I’m nervous.  The good news is the next one isn’t too far behind as it turns out, so hopefully you’ll all love Elliot and will be keen to see what happens next.

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