I’ve recently posted on various blogs that I’m releasing Glass Block to the world.  So, there’s going to be an A-Z of Darkness PD this coming month – everything you need to know about the book and the characters and of course, the things that you need to know, and of course, a bit about the next couple of books coming up.  I’ll also be sharing some interesting tidbits about promotion, content and more, if I can.

This is my fourth AtoZ challenge blog project – I’m taking part in a shared one at Alexandria Publishing Group (the co-op I co-founded with Valerie Douglas), a promotional based one at Digital Marketing Gloucester, and my ‘anything goes’ on my own blog at Author Interrupted.  But, if you’d like to follow everything I’m writing, you may be quicker popping over to ByKai – I’m amalgamating everything I write there, bit by bit.

And, as I’ve been teasing it for the last few weeks, I’m also formally launching a competition tomorrow – lots of great authors to follow, and for now, we’ve got either a FitBit or a Kindle Fire to give away – the choice is the winner’s!  Lots of easy entries too!  The competition will run for the whole of April, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy Precinct 1, learn about the Darkness Deadlies and of course, celebrate with me as I launch my favourite character so far to the world, and share my much awaited début novel.

Are you excited?  I’m excited!

You can learn more about Glass Block here, or watch the blog for more news, or check out Welcome to Precinct 1!

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