“Precinct 1 – we get all the scu..”
Elliot walked past the janitor desperately scrubbing the wall, shaking his head.  Spatters of red paint, already as scuffed as the stair edges led up the wall.
“I’m not sure how they managed that,” Elliot said, voice low.  Morrigan arms full of files just grinned.
“I think it might have been an inside job…”  Elliot snorted with laughter, halfway through a sip of coffee.  The mixture was a splash back that hit his tie.  Morrigan shook her head, laughing softly.  “I can’t take you anywhere,” she said.
“Nope!” he said, his unrepentant grin. “no, you can’t.  All I do is wander around screaming ‘assbutts’,” he added, holding the door open for her at the top of the stairs.
“Been spending time with Harper’s niece and nephew?”
“That obvious?”
“It doesn’t help that their mom has a thing for the angel that screams it.”
“Oh?” Elliot looked over at her, confused.
“Nevermind,” she said, “Pop culture no good for old men,” she added, changing the cadence and lowering her voice.
“I am not a cave man,” he protested mildly.

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