Not the little yellow and blue kind, but hard working, creative, incredible freelancers looking to support you and your books in making the best of the resources you have and filling in the gaps when you need more help.  From Hosting to VA work, traditional press work to planning a slightly different promotional plan, street minion management to cover design and editing by referal to people we trust and formatting in house, we’ve got you covered.

And if that wasn’t enough, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we’ll share with you some tips and tricks to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your week.
Introducing Mailing List Mondays, Writer’s influence Wednesday (social media), and Make it fun Friday (influence, motivation and support).

On Mondays, we’ll be talking everything mailing lists – our advice will be focussed on MailPoet and Mailchimp (both free to start with) – how to build subscribers, how to support your readers with great content, and how to ensure you’ve made everything perfect to encourage people to enjoy your offerings.  Your mailing list ultimately should support you in selling more books, so you need to ensure your readers are happy and interested.  And this content will help you do that.

Writer’s Influence Wednesday will focus on social media and making connections.  We’ll have guest posters, content to help build your social media and reach outside of your immediate influence.  We’ll also offer some great information and support!

We are basically the indie author’s version of my local digital marketing company, so please don’t worry if the bio switches between Indie Minions and Digital Marketing Gloucester – both are here to serve all of your social media/public relations/support needs.

Also, we’d love to hear what you’d love to know.  We can talk all of the cutting edge promotional projects, design bespoke campaigns and share the results and more.  Just ask!

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