Digital marketing is a specialised form of advertising, interaction and approach, specifically based online.  Aligned with company and ethos, digital marketing is designed around ensuring that your social media profile is clear, supportive and approachable.  It’s becoming more and more important as time goes on because more and more people use social media to inform opinions, crowdsource knowledge and research options.

Why is digital marketing important?

As more and more people gain smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, having a presence online is absolutely critical.  Allowing people to interact with your company gives you the chance to gain followers and support your customers and potential customers in making purchase or hiring decisions.  And it’s also important because as more and more people get online, more and more people are using word of mouth to attach positive and negative reviews to companies – and left unchecked, negative reviews can be very dangerous to your reputation.

It’s also important because in many cases, social media SHOULD generate more sales for you, eventually.  Exposure to brand, ethos and company beliefs creates a positive impression for those that align with them, and the more times a person is exposed to a company, service or brand, the more likely they are to have an opinion about them, and possibly purchase from them.  It is a crucial thing to keep in mind when using social media – it’s important to ensure that your responses online are pristine, supportive and are honest about your company.

Is social media easy to leverage?

In many cases, people ask if social media is easy to leverage, and for the most part, the answer is ‘yes, of course!’.  Unless you have a very negative social media profile, anyone can improve their social media and digital marketing presence, either with a part time worker or full time support.

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